Tips And Techniques For Studying Abroad (Part 2)

Robbing Bank

If you’re looking for tips and techniques on financing yourself while you’re overseas, you’re in good shape. In this section, I’ll cover that as well as some other interesting techniques to keep your study abroad trip running smooth and convenient.

1.  Financing. Money is probably the primary issue and every traveler knows how tough it is to get money to study abroad. Whether it’s fundraising, (I’ve seen plenty of this before I went), working your butt off, or simply just going there with all that you have left, look for scholarships. For me, I was awarded the IAP Scholarship which granted me $3500. If I can do it, you can do it! One of the main scholarships that many students have applied for in the past is the Gilman Scholarship. It can reward students up to $5000 and applicants can be hopeful in receiving it.

IAP scholarship award
Awarded the IAP Scholarship in 2013.

2. Budget yourself. Being exposed to new things can get quite interesting. You might want to buy souvenirs for your family and friends (I did) and you might be looking to make trips to tourist attractions which can get costly. In this case, budget yourself. Set a limit to how much you should spend a month, a day, or even for your whole trip. Especially with how each and every bank nowadays function, the international fee that they charge might not do you any good in the long run. Budgeting yourself will keep your status positive as you don’t have to worry about not being able to survive for the X amount of days you have left.

3. Have inside contact. Whether you’re interning, volunteering, or going to school, it is always good to have inside contact with someone in the given country. There’s nothing like going to a country and having paperworks mess up and then you don’t have a place to live or know who to meet. This happened to me just before I departed from the San Francisco International Airport. After months, my Korean partner emailed me and basically said he could not meet me anymore. Yeah, you don’t want to be in this position. This will make your arrival convenient and less stressful and if you don’t know who you’re suppose to meet, be persistent upon inquiring the information.

My inside contact. Tommy Kim and Sarah Park.
My inside contact. Tommy Kim and Sarah Park.

4. Be open-minded. Your trip might all be predicated on how open-minded you are about the country’s culture. If you do this, it will make your adventure much more fulfilling and positive. You will learn much more about the culture. Every country is different and will have negative and positive drawbacks. If you can learn from the experiences that you go through, it will only make you a much more educated person.

5. Have fun. At the end of the day, have fun. Take pictures, videos, make blogs or vlogs, and share it with your family and friends. The friends that you make will definitely be some of the best friends of your life and you may want to revisit them one day. You will definitely cherish a lot of the memories and it isn’t to say it’s one for the ages. Just have fun and live life.

I won this pig rabbit by punching Bricks
I won this pig rabbit by punching bricks

Hopefully this information helped out a lot. The next time you are planning on studying abroad, remember to keep these tips and techniques in mind. It might be a savior. Well, if you have any comments or would like to add some tips and techniques of your own, feel free to comment below.


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