Kpop Songs That You Might Like: Part 3

Beast, CL, Top, SNSD

Back at it again with Korean Pop songs that you might like. If you haven’t seen my last two, should go check em out. To recap, the songs are  not based on how mainstream it is in the media, but how catchy and enjoyable it is to a listener.

1. Lead me – SISTAR
Lead me by SISTAR is actually an old song on one of their first group albums. Since then, SISTAR has made a lot more songs that people will probably overlook this song. At times, members of SISTAR would leave and do a duet or solo album. As of late, SISTAR has had one of their songs blow up in Korea and social media with their song Touch my Body. However, if you’re looking for a song that’s at least enjoyable, check this song out.


2. How nice would it be – Lunafly 
Feeling down? Need a song that just makes you feel relaxed and calm? This song does the right thing. This song has been out for a long time, but with a lot of Korean music nowadays over shadowing a lot of great songs, I thought this be one to make the list. I don’t know much about Lunafly but this song gives it a GO and if you’re looking for a peaceful song, here it is.


3. Day by Day – T-ara 
As of late, I haven’t really heard anything new from T-ara, but Day by Day is definitely a song that can get very catchy if you listen to it over and over. The beginning of the song sounds like a Britney Spears’ song, but then transitions into an up tempo beat. The music video to this song is extremely long, so unless you want to watch a Michael Jackson Thriller length video, I suggest you just listen to the audio version which I posted below.


4. Good Morning  – Verbal Jint 
This song reminds me a lot of how pop songs back in the 2000s were made. Fresh, good beat, and nice vocals to go with it. The song just gives you feel of pop and jazz combined together and if this song doesn’t go on your “good songs to listen to” list, then I don’t know what does. Also, it hopes you have a good morning, so why not?


5.  Stupid – Juniel 
What this song has going for itself is everything a great pop song should have. A nice duet between a male and female cohesively combining their vocals to create a great song. I’m not familiar with these artists so I can’t speak up for them, but it’s a great song. Give it a shot and you might just like it.

For now, these are my five Korean pop songs that you might like. If you have any other suggestions or Korean pop songs that you like, feel free to comment below.


2 thoughts on “Kpop Songs That You Might Like: Part 3”

    1. haha thanks! i think when people think of Kpop nowadays its all about the mainstream ones…gotta show em the old ones too or at least i think they’re old haha.

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