Who is Brock Turner?

Brock Turner is a rapist.

There. I’ve said it.

As oppose to so many credential media sites who want to claim Mr. Turner as an awesome swimmer. A swimmer with so much upside, he might as well be the next coming of LeBron James. But no, he is a rapist and I’m going to leave it at that.

This story first cracked over social media, at least for me, on Monday morning. I was doing my work and every now and then I’ll check the internet for news to keep me company and I landed on an article about a Stanford Swimmer committing a heinous act.

By now, I’m sure the world is frustrated, furious, angry, and (Insert Here) over this story. We as a society should be doing whatever it takes to help each other. When we fall, we pick each other up. When we need help, we encourage each other. When we are immobilized, unconscious, or incapable of defending ourselves, we do not sexually assault the helpless. Mr. Turner has failed to contribute any type of positivity to this society.

I don’t know what it’s like at Stanford. I’ve spent the majority of my life in the Midwest and specifically at a school that renders itself as the top drinking school in the country. The second area where I spent most of my life besides the Midwest, Korea, a country known for an excessive drinking culture.

I’ve seen a lot of drunk people during my times. Some blacked out and some shouting racist remarks.

One time, I was coming home late in Korea and I noticed a girl wobbling and tilting back and forth. I knew she had been drinking and at any given moment, she could fall and potentially black out. You know what I was thinking the whole time? I was telling myself if I should follow her to make sure she makes it home safe. I was telling myself that if she falls down, I should go get help. I was telling myself if I should ask her if she needs help. That is something you failed to do Mr. Turner and that is something I want everyone to be capable of which is help the people who need help.

It’s weird how the the Turner case happened over a year ago and it didn’t blow up the media until now. It’s also weird that the mugshot used for his profile was a nice and delicate picture of him as a good human being. It’s also crazy to think how Mr. Turner’s father practically denies his son’s heinous acts and it’s also crazy how Mr. Turner himself can’t even say “I raped you. I’m sorry.”

I, myself have two sisters. One sister who currently resides in California and another who resides in the Midwest. The woman that you have internally and externally damaged could’ve been my sisters. It could’ve been any woman for the mere fact. I would never want this to happen to anyone at any given day, but it’s just unfortunate that you had to mow down a victim; A helpless victim for that matter.

Mr. Turner is a coward, a punk, a person with no ethical values or morals, and the mere fact that you are only basically spending three months in a county jail for three convicted felonies is despicable and a disgrace to raped victims across the world.

All I want from you is to say that you are sorry for committing this heinous act. To say sorry for inflicting so much pain upon an individual and others. To lay down your ego and admit fault, but unfortunately that is something you won’t do and probably never will and as long as you don’t, I will never care or accept that you’re a 20 year old from Ohio.

You will always be a rapist.

This is an Op-Ed and is based off of my opinion, view, and commentary. 




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