Korea Vlogs

Here are some videos that I put together to show people what some Korean places look like. The videos vary from all categories so I hope you all enjoy!

Like how the United States has Wal-Mart and Shopko, Korea has Homeplus. Homeplus is the place to go if you ever need to do groceries or simply do some shopping. You can never go wrong with Homeplus when you’re in Korea.

This is a small tour of Korea University. I was dismissed from class 30 minutes early, So I decided to show the world how awesome the campus was. If you are planning to study abroad in Seoul, come to Korea University, you won’t go wrong.

A night spent all in Sindang and Dongdaemun. We went to Tteokbukki Street to have some delicious spicy rice cakes and also spend a night in a Jim-Jil Bang. We didn’t go home till 4 am and it was an awesome night to remember.

We traveled all the way to the east of Seoul just to go to Nami Island. This island is famous for some dramas (I’m not certain of which ones) and a war that once occurred. I took the zip-line from the mainland to the island and it was totally worth 38 dollars.

Myeongdong is one the biggest shopping outlets in Seoul. Every tourist goes there. It is also THE first place that I went to in Seoul, but it was by accident. In the summer this place gets crowded, but in the winter this place will light up your soul.

This is I’Park Mall located in Yongsan. I’Park is one of the biggest malls in Seoul with nine floors. It is located on Line 1 on the Seoul Metro and this place has to be a Must-Visit if you are ever in Seoul.

This is one of thousands convenient stores located in Korea. This GS25 was located a block away from where I lived and was the place to go when I had the munchies at night. It’s also cheap and sells Kimbap for 1-2 dollars which is always a plus!


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